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At Design in DC, we specialize in creating fully customized websites and apps that are scalable, easy to manage, and have a creative edge. As a boutique agency with a global and local mindset, our mission is to enhance our client’s digital presence across the web using various mediums, techniques, and technologies.

We bring a fresh perspective to human-centered design and content, highlighting our clients’ offerings in the best possible way. Our focus is always on our clients, making us feel like an extension of their team.

We take pride in our work, as it becomes a part of our portfolio. Our talented team rigorously checks and rechecks every deliverable to ensure the highest level of quality. We place a great emphasis on project management in addition to design and development.

Our services include website development, UI/UX design, web app development, WordPress website design and development, photography, and videography.

We deliver our services by tailoring our team to the specific needs of each project, understanding our clients’ needs and reducing project risks, treating our clients as members of our team and making decisions together, and fostering a culture of innovation through design, technology, and process. Our project management expertise ensures that deadlines are always met.

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  • Fonseca M.D. says:

    Design in DC did an outstanding job of taking our individual needs and design ideas and transforming them into a prototype website. They worked with us to refine the design until we were satisfied and then skillfully migrated it to a content management system and deployed it. Design in DC is one of the few companies that can create a unique website using WordPress without looking like a typical WordPress site.

  • Johnson A.R. says:

    I chose Design in DC to build an e-commerce website as a small business owner. They provided me with a fair price and were attentive to understanding my vision, offering helpful design features. They even suggested a new logo that is much better. Unfortunately, the delivery date was two months later than the contractual anticipated completion date, so I need to give them an excellent review. Despite this, I still recommend considering Design in DC.

  • Charalampos M. says:

    The project management team is imposing. Despite their small size, they have managed to stay on schedule with their deliveries, even when they need to catch up. The team’s founder has a background in the film industry and is a talented video creator, which has been a great asset to the team. Additionally, their programmers are highly knowledgeable and know how to make the most of the technology they use. We have been delighted with the results.

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