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  1. Comprehensive social media listening
  2. Customizable dashboards and reports
  3. Integration with other marketing tools
  1. High pricing
  2. Complexity
  3. Limited platform support
  4. Limited automation.

Khoros Intelligence is a social media analytics platform designed to help businesses monitor and analyze their online presence. The platform provides businesses with various tools and features to track social media conversations, identify trends, and measure performance across multiple platforms. One of the critical features of Khoros Intelligence is its social listening capabilities. Businesses can use the platform to follow conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among other social media sites. This makes it possible for businesses to track brand mentions, client comments, and market trends in real-time, giving them invaluable information about their target market and the state of the market. Khoros Intelligence also provides businesses with various analytics tools designed to help them measure and analyze their social media performance. Businesses may track the success of their social media efforts using the platform’s extensive insights into interaction rates, reach, and audience demographics, and they can also tweak their content to better appeal to their target market. Another critical feature of Khoros Intelligence is its sentiment analysis capabilities. The software analyzes social media conversations using natural language processing (NLP) to determine the emotion behind each post or remark. This helps companies track general attitudes toward their brand and sector and immediately identify and address negative feedback or consumer complaints. Khoros Intelligence offers various reporting tools to help businesses communicate their social media performance to key stakeholders. Thanks to the platform’s configurable dashboards and reports, businesses can share insights and data with their employees, clients, or investors.

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